About Us

Company Name NanoMist Technologies Co., Ltd.
Established October 1, 2002
Capital 100,000,000 yen (As of Sep. 30, 2019)
Corporate executives
President & CEO Kazuo Matsuura
Director Yukiko Ando
Part-time Director Yasuhisa Tsubata
Part-time Director Hideki Yarimizu
Part-time Director Tsutomu Awaji
Auditor Naosuke Matsuura
Employees 7
Business Description manufacture and sales of machines such as ultrasonic atomizer, deodorizer, hot spring water concentrater, solvent recovery machine, VOCs recovery machine, and granular material production machine.
Awards Grand Prix, 2012 Tomodachi Tohoku Challenge
Grand Prix, Tokusima New Business Award 2012
Phone Number +81-88-684-3399
FAX +81-88-684-3398
Location 635-1 Kizu, Muyacho, Naruto-city, Tokushima, JAPAN 772-0004
Tokyo Office Higashi Koganei KO-TO
1-2-36 Kajio-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 184-0002

What we do

NanoMist Technologies engages with R&D, design, and sells machines in the areas such as alcohol beverages and food enrichment, fragrance extraction, chemical purification process, wastewater management, and deodorization process.


  1. Contribution to the development of human beings and sustainable improvement of the environment using our pioneer technology.
  2. We sincerely work together with our clients to respond their demands as a chance to grow ourselves. New discovery will be hidden in this process.
  3. We coincides our growth in capacity with the development of society by utilizing “contribute-think-check-develop” cycle.
  4. We aim to enrich our clients, staffs and their related people.
  5. We take advantages of social changes and demands as a way of self-revolution, and appreciate opportunities to tackle difficulties.


Kazuo Matsuura
Kazuo Matsuura (President & CEO)

In recent years, the fundamental technology “separation and purification of solution” is introduced in various manufacturing process including production of alcohol and fragrance, concentration of food and beverage, oil refinery, manufacturing chemical products. It is also used for recycling wastewater from factories, desalination of seawater.

While engineers are required to catch up more complex and advanced technologies, our “ultrasonic atomization technology” materializes some points as the following;

  1. Provides safer working environment
  2. Materializes lower initial and operating cost

It is because “ultrasonic atomization technology” does not require any heat and pressure.

I think there are two main topics in the history of science and technology such as a) heatless and b) steamless.

Human beings has developed the shape of items needed for our daily lives by melting minerals to form structure, utilizing chemical reaction by boiling liquids. The efforts for technological development on “heatless” is still continuing even today.

The trend to switching from “steam” using coal fuels to less dependence on fossil fuels, and the electrification in both industry and family sector have been accelerated since the Industrial Revolution. It could be expressed as “steamlesszation” when looking from a different angle.

I believe our “ultrasonic atomization technology” can be one of platform technologies for solution chemical field, which can separate chemical components without heat and steam regardless organic or non-organic materials.

NanoMist is very proud of contributing to a development of manufacturing industry globally by utilizing our ultrasonic atomization technology system.

Kazuo Matsuura’s Bio

Kazuo Matsuura was born as a first son of a Sake-brewery “Honke Matsuura Syuzou Co.” in Shikoku island of Japan. He received PhD from Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University and MBA from Business School of Kwansei Gakuin University. In his early stage of the career, he worked for Ozeki Research Institute and later he initiated a venture company, NanoMist Technologies Co., Ltd. He also serves as a research fellow of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Joint research with national institutions

“Research on processed food concentration” funded by Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-driven R&D (A-STEP) by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in 2014